CNC turning

CNC turning

Machining using CNC turning technology is the second of the basic services that we offer to our clients. We have two numerically controlled turning centers (Famot 400 and RAIS 250), on which we make parts with diameters from 10mm to 300mm and length up to 500mm. The use of computer-controlled machine tools enables excellent repeatability of machining, which is important for customers systematically ordering the same details. 

We offer CNC processing of various materials, including aluminum, bronze, brass, steel: ordinary, stainless and acid-resistant as well as plastics. The material comes from customers or from our proven suppliers (certificate 3.1 is the basis).

The machinery park allows us to carry out medium-lot orders, but also, depending on the needs of customers, we make individual components or small series. We often do turning of aluminum castings made in our foundry. In addition, at the request of our clients, we provide completely finished details with vibro-abrasive, electroplating or varnishing treatment - this way of meeting the needs of our customers significantly reduces the final product prices by reducing the logistics costs of our clients. 

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